The Dangers of All Terrain Vehicles

November, 2013 by

When most people think of a personal injury case, their mind automatically goes to a car accident or an injury sustained at work. There are many other types of personal injury claims though that often go overlooked. Many people own ATVs and yet never think they can be harmed on a vehicle of this type. Sadly, these recreational vehicles are some of the most dangerous. If you have been injured due to a manufacturer defect on an ATV, you deserve compensation and an injury attorney in Hattiesburg, MS can be of help.

More than 100,000 people visit the emergency room each year for injuries sustained while riding an ATV with thousands more dying each year. Manufacturers realize there is a problem with these devices and stopped making three-wheelers back in the 1980’s. This move came after the United States Justice Department filed a lawsuit claiming the vehicle manufacturers violated the Consumer Product Safety Act. Many of these vehicles continue to be used today however and four-wheelers, which continue to be sold, aren’t much safer. Browse website for more details.

Hundreds of thousands of four-wheelers have been recalled as a result of hazards identified by the manufacturer. The manufacturer is responsible if someone is injured as a result of one of these hazards and yet the manufacturer didn’t warn consumers of the danger. Any design and manufacturing defects identified by the manufacturer must be shared with the public to prevent these problems. When you believe you have been injured or seriously harmed by a defect and yet weren’t made aware of the problem by the manufacturer, chances are you have a good case so you should seek legal representation immediately.

If you have been injured through no fault of your own, don’t hesitate to contact Brinkley Law Firm ( for assistance. Whether you are looking to file an ATV, worker’s compensation, accident or personal injury case, they have the experience you want and need. Your injury attorney in Hattiesburg, MS, Brinkley Law Firm handles the insurance company and works to get you the compensation you deserve. Set up a free consultation today as you need to have an injury attorney in Hattiesburg, MS on your side. The insurance companies do so you can afford to have no less.

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