5 Key Questions To Ask Your Pharmacist in Lancaster, PA

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It is important to understand the effects of prescriptions supplied by your doctor before you begin a course of medication. To manage your medication effectively it is best to communicate with your pharmacist, ask important questions and get helpful answers. Here are five key questions to ask your pharmacist in Lancaster PA.

1. Can you customize my medication?

Ask your pharmacist if they offer compounding, also known as customization services. Pharmacies can often tailor prescriptions to meet the specific needs of an individual. Customization has the ability to transform medications from solids to liquids, improve its texture and taste, and isolate and remove any allergens.

2. Is there a generic version of the medication?

Generic medication is chemically identical to more expensive prescription medication, but costs less because it does not receive specific brand advertising. If you are on a tight budget, or do not have insurance coverage for your prescription medication, ask your pharmacist if there is a generic option that can substitute.

3. Can I take this medication with other pills?

There are medications that you should never take with other types. These medications react differently than intended if taken with other pills and substances. The subsequent reactions can range from minor to severe, and are even potentially fatal. Ask your pharmacist if any of your prescriptions fit this profile, and if they do, have them clearly mark the proper instructions on the label.

4. Can I set up automatic refills?

Automatic refills allow you to have your prescriptions routinely refilled by your pharmacy without the hassle of initiating the process each time. Ask your pharmacist if their establishment offers this convenient and time-saving service that helps simplify your life.

5. Does this medication have side effects?

Side effects are unintended secondary effects received from taking a medication. Whether these effects are generally positive or negative, your pharmacist will be able to let you know what to expect. A pharmacist can also give you advice on the steps to take to resolve the issue.

It is important to educate yourself about each one of the medications you take. Find out as many of the benefits and risks associated with prescription drugs before you begin a full course. Always ask your pharmacist in Lancaster PA these simple questions to ensure you have the best experience possible.

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