Trusting Your Rigging Supplier

Jan, 2014 by Alma Abell

If you find yourself needing to move bulk items, it can become a challenge. This is true whether you intend to do it on your own initiative or need the equipment for a company job. For heavy work, you will require rigging supplies. PA has several great sources, including Bilco Group, from which you can access the right supplies. What is Rigging and Rigging Supplies? Wire rigging supplies in PA and elsewhere around the world consist of a variety of different types of equipment and supplies. Among the most common types of supplies are the following: Wire rope end fittings Swivels Swivel host rings Shackles Hooks Eyebolts Eye nuts Turnbuckles The Importance of Trust It is important before you purchase the rigging and the rigging supplies that you trust the supplier, manufacturer and installer....

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