Key Keeper Saves Time and Eliminates Frustration

September, 2014 by Alma Abell

Do you ever waste time while rushing to get ready for work or school because you cannot find your keys? Have you been frustrated trying to remember where you last put your keys? What is more frustrating than knowing your keys are in your handbag (you can hear them!), but you still can’t find them because your bag becomes seemingly bottomless?

A Jewelry Accessory Statement
A key keeper will save you time and prevent frustration. You will never spend precious time looking or digging for your keys in your purse again. This ingenious invention hooks to the edge of your purse and holds the keys in place safely inside where they are not visible to others. Key keepers are made of durable metal in styles that match your personality or signify who you are. There is such a wide array of colors and style choices you could easily change your key keeper on a daily or weekly basis, much like you do your jewelry.

Colorful and Stylish Solution
When you do not have to worry about looking for your keys, you will have plenty of time to coordinate your key keeper to your handbag or the clothes you are wearing. Do you love dolphins or love to sail? How would you like to carry a four-leaf clover around for luck? Then get a dolphin, sailboat and four-leaf clover key keeper! You can boast your favorite university teams on the day of their big games, or honor your favorite service person with insignias of each branch of the U.S. service.

Practical and Classy
Besides keeping your keys exactly where you need them, these attractive accessories provide instant peace of mind. You can easily locate the key to your locker at the gym and not have to dig through your bag to find it. When you go to the beach, your car keys are instantly at your fingertips -no digging in your bag when you’re hot and sandy! You can run to the grocery store and never waste time when you get back to the car—your keys are convenient for you even when your hands are full.

It is a piece of fashion jewelry that will save you time and eliminate frustration.

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