Used Truck Dealers in Tucson

September, 2014 by Alma Abell

Looking for a new vehicle takes a lot of time. Make sure your time is well spent by only shopping at dealerships that offer certified used cars, warranties and their own financing options. When dealerships take the time to certify each used vehicle they sell, you know the vehicle works well and is running right. If they are willing to offer additional warranties, you know they stand behind their products. Finally, in house financing can make the buying process easier.

When looking at Used Truck Dealers in Tucson, the first thing you should check out is if they sell certified pre-owned trucks. A certified pre-owned vehicle has to go through at least a 100 point inspection process. Any defects or service issues have to be fixed before the vehicle can become a certified pre-owned vehicle. If the dealership declines to fix the problems with the vehicle, it cannot become earn a certified pre-owned standing. Additionally, all certified pre-owned vehicles also come with extended warranties that are backed by the vehicle’s manufacture. When you buy a certified pre-owned vehicle, you can count on it to be well maintained.

When you are looking at used vehicle, be sure to inquire about any warranties that come with the vehicles. All certified pre-owned vehicles come with extended manufacture backed warranties. Many dealerships also offer their own extended warranty and service plans for both certified and non-certified used vehicles. These plans can save you significant money down the road, and are usually a good investment.

When most people buy used vehicles through dealerships, they need to finance the purchase. Try to shop at dealerships that have their own in-house financing program. You will need to provide them with proof of income, generally your last two or three pay stubs. It can be a lot faster to use the in-house financing option instead of going to a bank.

When you go shopping for your next vehicle, make sure you look at Used Truck Dealers in Tucson who sell certified pre-owned vehicles, offer extended warranties and can provide you with in-house financing options. offers all of that and so much more. You can check out their inventory online before you go down to their lot. Here is the link of youtube videos of Car Time Supercenter for more information. Or you can viisit Facebook fanpage.

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