Fundraising Ideas That Are Both Fun And Delicious

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They sell already made frozen cookie dough in both traditional and newer flavors. Also available are their large prepacked cookies. These baked goods already enjoy a large following in retail stores and restaurants with the public. This branding can be a terrific additional to your marketing effort. When the public comes to your event or sale, they need no explanation about the quality, taste or texture of these delicious snacks. The comical name alone is sure to bring a smile to the faces of those around you.

Schools and non-profit organizations must always raise the funds that help them exist and continue to work within their communities. Fundraising Ideas are paramount to making their events work and produce the profits necessary for their very existence. Having a bake sale is a tried and true method of raising those dollars and cents. It can be created with every little income and usually produced a good amount of sales income. It is always a great crowd pleaser with all ages. Both kids and adults enjoy selling a product that brings a bit of sunshine to the people they sell to.

People remember that Otis Spunkmeyer has been in the freshly baked cookie arena since the 1970’s. Parents may remember when their retail establishments were featured in malls throughout the state of California. Although their stores are no longer around, today they still produce a range of baked goods such as cookies, coffee cakes, brownies and pastries. Many schools favor their cookie dough that can be baked in your own home kitchen. This gets the kids involved and into the fun directly.

Fundraising ideas should tossed around some weeks or months before your sale or event is to begin. This gives you and your organization time to decide how you would like to present yourselves to your audience. Your would purchase the cookie dough, bake up those luscious cookies and sell them from a table. Accompanying your cookie sale could be an arts and crafts or flea market sale.

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