Fund Raising Ideas to Get Young Children Involved

August, 2013 by

Fund raising is a great way to earn money for your school, organization, club, event, or cause. Doing this with young children can be tricky. Here are some great Fundraising Ideas that are fun for kids and get them involved. Fund raising should not be about just earning money but also about learning important life lessons.

Bake or cookie sales are always great ways to make money. These types of fund raising, not only get kids involved with selling but also give them a cooking lesson as well. This is a fun way to spend some time together, and let the kids have pride in what they are selling because they made the product themselves. A great site to visit for your supplies is They have good quality products and a well known name plus the site offers many other fun Fundraising Ideas.

Another great way to raise money and is fun for kids of all ages is holding a car wash. Kids get paid to play and get wet and soapy. However, encourage the children to work hard and also do a good job washing the cars. In addition to the car wash bake goods can also be sold for those who don’t want their car washed but still want to donate money to a good cause. The group can switch on and off between washing and selling at the bake sale booth. This is a good way to teach kids how to complete a job, how to sell a product, and handle money.

These kits include numerous different cookie choices, brownies, customizable forms for payment due dates, delivery reminders, signs, obtaining volunteers, order forms, and types of cookies offered. Some of the baked products available are chocolate chip, mint chocolate chunk, snickerdoodle, peanut butter, sugar, oatmeal raisin cookies, plus brownie bites, soft pretzels, croissants, danish, and coffee cake. All of the products are made with quality all natural ingredients and are pre-packaged serving sizes.

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