Key Components of Making an Ice luge in Bronx NY

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An ice luge is a large block of ice that has some channels in it that zig and zag from one part of the block to the other and is usually made as a conversation piece in bars and clubs all over the world. Any beverage of your choice can be poured down the channels and then caught in your mouth and the lowest point of the luge, which can result in a good time for you and your guests. Usually you can purchase an ice luge for a relatively cheap price and the money you do pay will more than be worth it when you see the fun and excitement that it can garner. Here are a few of the key components that go into making a successful Ice luge in Bronx NY.

The Iceā€¦.Of Course

The biggest component that goes into an ice luge, you guessed it the ice. The ice has to be big enough and thick enough to withstand being chiseled into. You need to make sure that the ice is thick enough to withstand room temperature for a while so the luge doesn’t melt right away, thus ending all of the fun you and your guests are having. If you are unable to find the right ice block, you can call a professional ice company and let them bring you a professional grade ice block.

The Channel Itself

Another very important component of a successful Ice luge in Bronx NY is the channel in the ice block because it has to be the right depth and size to successfully transport the liquid down the ice block. There are many different methods of etching the channel into the ice such as a flathead screwdriver and even ice can be used effectively to create the desired depth and width that you want.

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