Storing and Serving Wines from Your Favorite Wine Store in NYC

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Many people enjoy having a nice drink with their meals, or after dinner, and most of the time, wine is the beverage of choice. There are many different types available, which can be paired with some delicious meals for an exceptional culinary treat. The biggest problem when serving this beverage is not which type goes with which kinds of food, but how to store it. This is a beverage that needs to be served at a specific temperature in order to have the best flavor. It shouldn’t be too cold, neither should it be too warm.

When you bring home your purchases from your favorite wine store in NYC, you will need to store different types in different ways. For instance, reds should be served at room temperature, while whites should be chilled. Different types require different temperatures, such as:

  • Sparkling – 48 degrees F
  • Whites – 53 degrees F
  • Roses – 51 degrees F
  • Reds – 62 degrees F

Of course, there is a little bit of room for play here, but this is a basic guide to proper storage temperatures. To get the optimal temperatures, one can purchase a simple wine cellar set-up for less than $200. If a traditional refrigerator is being used for whites and sparkling varieties, remember that the beverage will cool four degrees Fahrenheit every ten minutes that it is inside, and will warm up at pretty much the same rate.

Once the optimal temperature is reached and it is time to serve, one should know how to properly know how to open the bottle. A quality wine will not have a screw cap. It will have a cork, and a corkscrew must be used in order to open the bottle. Cut the foil at the top of the bottle with a knife, and remove so it doesn’t come in contact with the liquid. Insert the corkscrew in the center of the cork, turn clockwise, and pull out the cork.

You can find many different types of wines, liquors and spirits at your favorite wine store in NYC, K and W Liquor. Don’t forget to ask about other serving tips for hosting the perfect get together with wine.

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