How Septic Pumping in Fort Myers, Florida Works

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Septic tank pumping is a not-so-fun aspect of living in a rural area, but it is important for a variety of reasons. In this article, you will learn about pumps and their maintenance, and you’ll also learn how to get a fair price on pumping services. There are many laws governing the collection and disposal of waste, and septic pumping in Fort Myers Florida must be done by a professional. If your drains are slow, or there’s dark water or a bad odor around your home, pumping may be needed.

How Septic Pumping Works

Most septic systems are sized to fit your household and the number of inhabitants. There are some variables to consider, but the average home usually needs about a 1500 gallon tank to hold liquid and solid waste. It is very rare to see a septic tank of over 2000 gallons, and larger tanks are made from concrete.

Your home’s septic system allows liquids to drip through, seeping down into the earth where they’re purified naturally. The solid waste is left behind, and if bacteria levels are high enough, the waste is degraded over time. Depending on usage, most septic tanks only need pumping every three years.

The Cost of Pumping

For Septic Pumping in Fort Myers, Florida, you can expect to pay about $300. When inquiring about price, ask if disposal fees are included. A septic pumping professional uses a truck-mounted vacuum hose to suck the waste out of your tank and into the tank on the truck. The waste is taken to a treatment plant for further processing.

Tank Maintenance

If you maintain your septic system correctly, it can last decades. System replacement can cost more than $10,000, making proper maintenance a worthwhile investment. There are many things that shouldn’t go into your septic tank, but grease is one of the worst offenders because it can clog filters and cause severe damage. Many products labeled as “septic safe” really are not, because pouring them down the drain can kill the waste-eating bacteria in the septic tank. With a basic understanding and proper maintenance of your septic tank and system, it should run smoothly for many years.

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