When You Need a Family Attorney in Harrisburg, PA

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Sometimes, attempts to patch things up in a family just doesn’t work and you counseling no longer helps. You need, at this point, to speak to a person experienced in legal separations and divorces. A Family Attorney Harrisburg, PA wants to help you get through this difficult transition and offers to tell you a little about divorce law in Pennsylvania.


Divorces can be tricky in Pennsylvania, and gets really complex in the courtroom for those who haven’t a clue. The divorce process begins with a complaint by the spouse (known as the plaintiff). By default, the other spouse becomes the defendant. The main stipulation is that one of the spouse’s must be a resident of Pennsylvania for at least six months before the initiation of the divorce.

Three types of divorces can be granted in Pennsylvania, a divorce in which fault is established, a divorce by mutual consent, and a divorce granted after a two year separation. In the fault-established divorce, the plaintiff shows probable cause by adultery, desertion (of a year or more), improper or horrible treatment, and other possibilities that may arise. The divorce of mutual consent is simply where both parties agree that the marriage is “irretrievably broken;” a 90 day wait is mandatory before the divorce is finalized. The divorce granted after two year separation comes usually when only one party wants the divorce. As suggested by the type of divorce, if the parties have been apart two years, a divorce can be granted based on the wishes of one, as long as the plaintiff states that the marriage is irretrievably broken.

Serratelli Schiffman & Brown P.C. is a law firm dedicated to preserving the rights of the client in given divorce cases. The attorneys there have impressive trial experience and offer their services in custody hearings, alimony cases, property division and division of other assets, and even offer classes and help on those who have been victims of abuse. They serve clients in Camp Hill, Carlisle, Dauphin, Cumberland, and other surrounding areas as well as in Harrisburg.

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