Guide to the Types of Mattresses in Denver

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Many people sleep on mattresses in Denver every night, but they seldom think about how fortunate they are to have this comfort. The earliest mattresses consisted of leaves and grass secured with animal skin. The first water beds appeared around 3500 B.C. which were goatskins filled with water. During the Renaissance, mattresses could be constructed from straw, feathers, or pea shucks and covered with costly materials like velvet or silk. Cotton mattresses and cast iron beds appeared in the late 18th century. Now, there are several types of mattresses available on the market.

Inner springs mattresses and box springs are the most common kind. Innersprings mattresses come with steel coils set inside layers of upholstery and they are placed on a foundation for support. A mattress may include coils encased singly or joined together by helical wiring often referred to as Bonnell coils. Though Bonnell coil have been standard for around one hundred years, encased coils will provide more support. Coil count is essential for quality. A full-size mattress should at least have 300 coils. A variation of innerspring mattress is the pillow top. The pillow top mattress has an extra layer of padding inserted on the top.

Another popular type of mattress is the air mattress. Instead of coils, an air bed uses inflatable air chambers. An air mattress also offers more support for the back since it consists of three dense foam layers. It can easily adapt to shape of the body. These mattresses come in lightweight forms which can be inflated and deflated. These are ideal for camping or overnight guests.

A memory foam mattress consists of a foam core for support. NASA is credited for inventing the foam mattress. Memory foam can mold to the user’s body shape and return to normal. It commonly comes with hand controls to adjust comfort levels. An advantage of memory foam is it has the ability to resist allergens and bacteria.

Knowing what kind of mattresses in Denver are available takes the guess work out of buying. One should try out the mattress before buying and inquire about warranties. The right mattresses from Peak Discount Mattress can make a difference in a good night’s sleep.

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