Wby It’s Best to Choose Full-Service Eye Clinics in Inver Grove Heights, MN

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

When you’re looking at eye clinics in Inver Grove Heights, MN, you’ll find that there are a few main varieties that can be visited. The most common is the basic eyeglass doctor. This type of an office has a doctor that can check your visual acuity and prescribe glasses or contacts. He can also do some basic checks for other vision problems. A selection of eyeglass frames is usually available in the same office, though its size may or may not be very big. These doctors are fine for getting a prescription for glasses, but they can’t perform the in-depth exams that are needed to check for a wider variety of vision problems.

At more advanced eye clinics such as dakota eye care associates, the differences start with how the eye exam is done and what is checked for. A full exam will involve the dilation of your pupils so the doctor can look right into your eyes and see the retinas and other internal parts. This allows your eyes to be checked for things that would otherwise be missed, such as retinal tears or degeneration and abnormal blood vessels. Often, the symptoms of visual disorders start out so minor that they are easy to miss or ignore. The problem is that waiting until a problem can’t be ignored can mean that it’ll be too late to save your vision. Retinal tears are just one of the issues that can lead to sudden blindness if they aren’t caught quickly enough. This means that a thorough exam is one of the most important services that eye clinics in Inver Grove Heights, MN can provide.

Once you’ve had your exam, a well-rounded clinic will be able to offer you a variety of important follow-up services. They can prescribe glasses and provide the frames, but this is just one of the options you may be interested in. Laser vision correction, cataract removal, and other such procedures will be available. If an injury or disease is detected, a treatment plan will be recommended to prevent or at least minimize vision loss. Sometimes, a combination of services will turn out to be the best solution. A full-service clinic will be able to provide everything you need in one place.

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