Information Regarding Eye Vision Surgery in Oahu

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Eye care

Myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism -; there are plenty of eye disorders out there. Refractive Eye Vision Surgery in Oahu corrects most visual disorders. Over the past few decades, this technique has steadily improved.

What is refractive laser surgery?

Refractive Eye Vision Surgery in Oahu groups one or more procedures with a laser. This helps to suppress the wearing of glasses or contact lenses. It corrects the vision of patients whose eye, or eyes, has an optical defect causing a constant visual blur.

What is the effect of the laser?

In cases of myopia, for example, the image of an object is formed in front of the retina. Short-sighted people, therefore, see blurred objects from a distance. Correction by refractive surgery involves sculpting the cornea with the laser to refocus the image on the retina, making the image clear. Other optical defects are treated according to the same methods.

In recent years, this surgery has not stopped evolving

Specialists can correct presbyopia with various types of technology. However, this technology is continually evolving and is designed to give patients a better sight almost immediately. Individuals older than 50 are more likely to suffer from presbyopia (nearsightedness) and, thus, are more likely to undergo this procedure.

Are there any advantages to having eye surgery?

The procedure is swift, painless and lasts only a few minutes. Patients can go to work again the next day. Most importantly, it allows people specific freedom: to be able to live life without glasses or contacts. It’s not just about comfort; it’s about having a surgery that can change the person’s quality of life.

Who can benefit?

This option is for a vast majority of people. However, a thorough preoperative examination is needed to exclude some at-risk patients with thinned or irregular corneas. A vision defect of this kind must be stabilized before considering the operation.

It is for this reason that myopia is often treated around the age of 25, presbyopia at the age of 50. The experience of the surgeon and their team will be a determining contribution in the total success of this type of intervention. To learn more, contact or visit the Hawaii Vision Clinic today.

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