Criteria to help you Choose Proper Rigging Supplies in PA

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

Wires and ropes are required for very many heavy duty functions. Moving heavy loads using ropes (rigging) is a very handy practice since sometimes human beings cannot be sent in to complete the task on their own. For a task to be successful however one has to choose the appropriate rigging supplies in PA. Click here for more details.

The first thing that determines the equipment used is the job at hand. What is being lifted? What is being secured? Once this is established consulting an expert rigger will enable you to get the right equipment, including rope, for the job.

If the task is very heavy duty and on land the rope would probably be made of synthetic fiber. On water the ropes might have to be protected against damage from water and other harsh components in the water. Protection can be in the form of chafe guards.

Some ropes actually stretch when in use (mainly due to their physical makeup). If you would require one that stretches or remains stiff when in use take a little time to learn about wire rope. You can also get rope that floats on water, that has extra strength to handle heavier loads and one that doesn’t spin when lifting items.

Every equipment has to be tested beforehand so as to ensure that it is functioning properly. Even ropes are tested for breaking since most have a specific load that they can withstand.


Rigging supplies in PA are used to lift heavy items and over dangerous heights such that if there is any damage to the rope the results would be disastrous. Damaged equipment should of course be replaced immediately. Always check for damages that may have occurred to the rope when it was previously used so as to avoid accidents.


Proper maintenance goes a long way in ensuring that rigging supplies in PA are always good to go. Maintenance includes performing regular inspections on the equipment whether or not it seems faulty. All machinery should be checked individually to ascertain that it is in proper working condition.

Proper Use

Once you are assured that all the equipment is in good working condition you need to use it properly. Improper rigging can cause accidents as well even with equipment that is properly functioning. Some construction companies usually give training on how to properly use rigging equipment so take advantage of that and ensure that your team is trained accordingly.

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