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May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Hardwood floors add so much beauty and elegance to a home. When you look across a room or rooms which have been joined by hardwood flooring it paints a picture of a floor using the natural beauty of nature. Many people do not like the presence of carpet because it is hard to keep clean and it develops wear patterns. Carpet also may need to be replaced often. Hardwood floors seldom need to be replaced. Capital City Flooring, Inc is a good place to begin.

Hardwood floors can be made from a solid piece of wood trimmed to perfection and finished with a protective coating to ensure the floor is mark resistant and very durable. Planks, as the flooring is often referred to, are finished to look smooth and free of imperfections. However, flooring can be purchased with the natural knotholes and the holes made by nature. These wood planks can be very beautiful regardless of what some may refer to as imperfections. Visit Hardwood Floors in Topeka KS to see all of the wood flooring available. You can see what some may call the imperfections and decide for yourself if this your choice.

Another choice of wood flooring is the engineered flooring which is a composite of several wood products with the top layer being the wood the customer is looking for. This layer may be 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch thick depending on the wood. These wood pieces are very durable and they will last as long as you live at least.

There are many varieties of wood flooring to choose from and a specific number would be irrelevant because it changes frequently. You can see how the engineered flooring is made, and Hardwood Floors in Topeka KS has the technical staff to answer all of your questions about this flooring.

When you visit the Hardwood Floors in Topeka KS you can see many varieties of solid wood flooring and this visual inspection will allow you to see the flooring material and visualize the look you will get on your floor. The visit will give you a big assistance in making the decision on flooring for your home.

Every wood floor has been tested for hardness which relates to how easy it is marred. The flooring has been assigned a hardness number which the sales people should be able to give you.

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