Hardwood Flooring: It’s More than Just Oak

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Hardwood Flooring: It’s More than Just Oak

When you’re picking a hardwood flooring for your Glendale home, you can be forgiven if you think that everything is oak. Indeed, red and white oak are two of the hardest hardwoods out there, but there are so many more choices in hardwoods. For instance, did you know that hickory and pecan are even harder than red or white oak? When looking at hardwood flooring, you also have choices ranging from aspen, cherry, hackberry, ash, and poplar. More exotic choices are Brazilian cherry, mahogany, and rosewood. Even the exotic hardwoods are now being sustainably farmed, making them an excellent choice both regarding beauty and durability as well as for ecological stewardship.

Which to Choose?

The type of hardwood flooring that you choose to install in your Glendale home depends on what kind of traffic it’s going to see. For instance, areas that see a lot of traffic and wear would do better with a harder hardwood such as hickory, oak, or walnut. Think about using these kinds of woods in entryways, family rooms, and even in kitchens. Contrary to popular belief, prefinished hardwood flooring can be used in kitchens as it is resistant to water because of its modern polyurethane finish. Softer hardwoods can be deployed in areas that receive less wear and tear from a busy and active family. Think about using these types of wood for hallways, dining rooms, bedrooms, and home offices.

Get Help!

While we all want to DIY, laying hardwood flooring is a job for professionals. Consult with experienced hardwood flooring contractors to determine the best wood to use in your home. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful your rooms will look, and how long that like-new look will last. Get started today on choosing the floors that will last a lifetime.

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