Easy Tips for Maintaining Your Furnace in Clinton

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

A furnace in Clinton is a considerable investment which is why you need to perform regular maintenance to avoid expensive repair jobs. One of the basic maintenance tips is to change your filter. This is an easy task that will ensure there is no build-up of dirt and other debris in the furnace. Failure to change the filter on a regular basis will cause your equipment to become inefficient and can ultimately lead to major damage. A great tip here is to write the date on the filters’ cardboard frame every time you change it to help you effectively schedule your maintenance.

Next, make sure that the registers of your HVAC system are kept clean at all times. Some of the notorious debris include pet hair and dust. In addition to this, ensure that any furniture or furniture covering is kept clear of your furnace to allow free flow of air. A clogged register can cause inefficiency and problems with airflow as well as strain your equipment. This simple maintenance tip will allow you to get the best service out of your furnace and the entire HVAC system.

Also be sure to install a carbon monoxide detector. This is a great tool for helping you detect dangerous carbon monoxide fumes before the situation can become potentially life threatening. This will also help your technician detect the exact root of the problem and perform repairs and/or maintenance as they deem fit. Follow the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines when installing carbon monoxide detectors and other such safety equipment around your home.

Lastly, replace your thermostat batteries regularly. Your furnace cannot work if the thermostat isn’t powered. If you are not sure about how to replace these, talk to a professional and they will be more than happy to show you the ropes. A great tip to remind you to change your thermostat battery is to schedule it at Daylight Savings Time when you are changing your smoke detector batteries. Even with all the maintenance in the world, your furnace in Clinton will eventually require professional repair or maintenance. In such a case, be sure to talk to the experts at East River Energy. Their experience and expertise in all areas pertaining to energy will come in handy.

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