Tips on Finding a Family Law Lawyer in Northern Virginia

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Going through a divorce is a complex and emotional experience for everyone involved, especially if their are children. Being able to find the right lawyer is a vital part of getting through is difficult time and making sure your children are cared for properly. Here are a few tips on how to find the right Family Law Lawyer in Northern Virginia


As a result of the high divorce rate in this country, it is safe to assume that you have friends or family that have gone through this process before. By getting referrals from divorced friends and family, you will be able to get some good leads on a Family Law Lawyer in Northern Virginia. You can also get a better insight into the divorce process, so you have a heads up on what to expect. Some people find it hard to tell friends and family about their marital problems, but it will be worth to gain the knowledge you need to get through your own divorce proceedings.

Your Needs

One thing you should consider before hiring a lawyer is what type of divorce are you wanting for you and your family. In some cases. the divorce will be amicable and a mutual decision, but there are cases that turn very ugly because one spouse does not want the divorce. Being able to decide the type of divorce you want will help you narrow down your search to find a lawyer who can cater to your particular situation. Some people will also have a preference, whether it be gender or race, on what type of lawyer they want to handle their divorce. It is okay to have these type of preferences but the bottom line is that you want to employ a lawyer that is on the same page as you and has your best interests at heart.

If you find yourself in need of a family law lawyer, be sure to call to call the professionals at Goldenberg and Phillips P.C. They have been practicing law for over 26 years and have the experience to guide you through this difficult process.


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