How to File for File for Bankruptcy in Milwaukee WI

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

Millions of people are dealing with more debt than they would like to have these days. With an economy just now coming out of difficulties and many people still not working, times are tough. For those who have fought their way through their debt and tried to find relief with no help, life can be stressful. If you are one of these people who are dealing with mountains of debt, there is hope. Though you should never consider bankruptcy a quick relief from your debt, it has proven to be a viable choice for many people who have tried different methods of overcoming their debt and still could not find help.

How Does a Bankruptcy Work?

If you need to File for Bankruptcy Milwaukee WI, it can be helpful to first understand the process. To begin, you need to contact a bankruptcy attorney and make an appointment for a consultation. The attorney will inform you of the information you will need to bring with you. It is important you are as thorough as possible in providing the attorney with information so he or she can assist you in filing your bankruptcy properly.

There are different types of bankruptcy you are allowed to file. The type your attorney recommends will depend on your debt amount, monthly income and the assets you own. If you prefer to be able to keep your assets, you will most likely need to file Chapter 13. This type of bankruptcy allows you to keep all of your property, but you must pay monthly payments through the court, to settle your debts. This amount will depend on your monthly income and how much you owe. If you fail to pay this amount, your bankruptcy could be found in default.

If you own a business, you will most likely file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which liquidates all of your business assets to pay off your debt. When you meet with your attorney, he or she will go over your particular situation and help you make the decision on which type will best benefit your needs. If you are in need of information to help you File for Bankruptcy Milwaukee WI, contact the Horizons Law Group today. They will be glad to assist you through every aspect of your bankruptcy.

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