The Benefits of Landscaping Installation in Charlotte, North Carolina

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

8085503_lWhen it comes to the look of a home or business, first impressions are always based upon the appearance of the landscaping. Having a well manicured lawn at your residence enhances it’s curb appeal and helps your home stand out in the neighborhood. In the commercial district, the success and professionalism of a business can quickly be established based up the design and maintenance of it’s property. Hiring an experienced landscaping service to design and sustain an attractive lawn is a great way to ensure that your best interests are represented in an appealing manor. The expert landscapers at Queen City Lawn and Landscaping are up to any task, no matter what the size. Their experience with landscaping installation in Charlotte, NC area provides a gorgeous variety of designs for customers to use on their property. With over a decade of experience, this locally owned business can meet the needs of any residential or commercial customer.

Landscaping encompasses much more than just the placement of attractive vegetation. The design needs to work in conjunction with both the structures and surface area of the property. Any open areas of lawn will need to be mowed, edged, and weeded. Plants are selected not only for their beauty, but also for their ability to thrive in the local climate and terrain.

The proper mulch needs to be laid out based upon it’s color and function. All of these factors comprise a successful landscape design and need to be regularly cared for to help keep the lawn in an appealing state. In order to conserve this pristine appearance, regularly scheduled maintenance needs to be established with a professional landscaping business. Queen City Lawn and Landscaping covers all lawn care specifics by offering different seasonal and annual maintenance plans. They make sure that the lawn is cut on a regular basis as well as seeded and aerated at the appropriate times of the year. The trees and shrubs are pruned, mulched, and trimmed dependent upon their growth. All the vegetation receives fertilization, herbicide, and pest control to ensure that no weeds or insects are killing off the healthy and desirable plants. Three tiers of maintenance plans are available which easily cover any lawn care needs a customer could have.

Hiring a company to perform quality Landscaping Installation in Charlotte, NC will keep your property looking gorgeous while keeping your schedule free from time consuming lawn upkeep.

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