Personal Injury Defined

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A personal injury is best defined as an injury caused to the person, the body and mind and not a piece of property, such as a home or car. Generally, it is a ‘Tort’ law that determines the cause and effect of the injury and can be caused by the negligence of a company, a product or a piece of machinery, among others. Some personal injuries can also involve intentional damage caused to another party with the purpose of inflicting pain, emotional distress or damage to them. Most of the time it is an accident that is the cause of the injury but, either way, the party at fault has to defend their case in the courts, unless a litigation process is entered.

Statutes of Limitations and Other Problems

In the United States it is the States themselves which determine the length of the statute of limitations for any specific crime or insurance claim. There are many different kinds of limitations pertaining to many types of Personal Injury Victorville CA. As a few examples, there is ‘industrial disease’, Medical negligence, damages caused by faulty equipment, machinery and appliances.

In most cases where negligence can be proved—usually by a court ruling involving a judge and or a jury—damages are awarded to the hurt party. Damages can involve a monetary compensation of a value deemed by the courts to cover medical expenses, pain and suffering, emotional pain and distress and long term care. The award can also lay grounds for a company to make specific changes to a product that is deemed dangerous or defective and can be pulled from the shelves to prevent further damage caused to others.

In many cases it is an insurance company who has to pay any awards, unless a specific company is held responsible for causing damage. For instance, in the movie ‘Erin Brockovich’ the protagonist—a legal clerk—was highly instrumental in the construction of the case against the Pacific Gas and Electric Company. The lawsuit involved PG&E’s addition of Chromium which affected many local residents. The case was eventually settled to the tune of three hundred and thirty-three million dollars. It is cases such as this that need a personal injury attorney in Victorville CA or any other city, to be diligent and thorough in their case preparations in order to successfully win a claim.

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