Understanding Types of Industrial Air Compressors in PA and their Applications

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

An air compressor is a device that scientifically converts power into kinetic pressure. The power comes from an engine like a diesel, gasoline, or electric motor. The energy compresses and pressurizes air that is released into quick bursts. They are used for both common, everyday applications as well as large-scale industrial uses that are highly complex.

There are two-main types of air compressors including positive displacements and negative displacements. Best Industrial air compressors PA use negative displacement systems. Air Center Inc. has large volumes of air for large-scale industrial processes. Some processes include oxidation for petroleum coking or cement plant bag house purge systems. These types of applications require centrifugal compressors. Centrifugal force is created from spinning impellers that accelerate and decelerate captured air. This, in turn, creates pressure. Besides Industrial air compressors PA, there are also positive displacement air compressors. These work with forced air in a chamber in which volume reduces to compress the air.

Air compressors have reciprocating pistons with a rotatory vane. Air compressor pumps are either oil-lubed or oil-less. Each has benefits and cons. Oil-less are more expensive and loud but, with recent technical developments, they last longer. Oil-lubed pumps deliver better quality of air. Oil-lubed pumps are used for applications when clean air supply is required like for submerged surface supplied divers. Clean air is also needed for driving some office or school building pneumatic HVAC control system valves.

Other applications air compressors are used for include powering pneumatic tools like jackhammers. They also fill gas cylinders. The most common concept of an air compressor is a machine that fills tires with air. The machine has a tank and a hose and is often loud when used. This is generally the only type of air compression people use on their own.

Air compressors supply either moderate or high pressured air but can be confusing to understand. However, Industrial air compressors PA do not need to be understood by average people. Professional workers train to understand the scientific qualities of how air compression works as well as their many components. They can easily supply the air for the appropriate application. Visit Air Center Inc. for more information.

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