Thanks to Our Plentiful Sunshine, a Solar Water Heater in Maui Can Be a Great Investment

by | Mar 21, 2014 | Business

The sun here in Hawaii almost never gets too hot for comfort. It also rarely fails to shine strongly enough to keep residents warm, and these facts are some of our state’s greatest assets. The comfortable climate and beautiful scenery here make this place seem like paradise to many, and these characteristics also lead to plenty of opportunities. Solar power, for example, has been catching on in a big way with locals, with many finding that it has cut their electricity bills significantly. Others have found that the addition of a solar water heater in Maui makes for similar savings and is extremely economical to have done.

Residents of the mainland often have to worry about freezing temperatures, and some solar water heaters are designed to account for this possibility. Heaters of this sort are normally equipped with multiple circulating pumps, antifreeze systems, and other measures to ensure that the water within them does not freeze solid before it can be heated. In Hawaii, of course, cold temperatures are rarely an issue, so that we can make use of much simpler and more economical systems instead.

Combining this fact with our plentiful sun, one can see how easily a solar water heater in Maui can make sense. Residents generally choose between two basic sorts, these being termed “passive” and “active.” Heaters of the first sort are often extremely inexpensive, and are so simple that they can boast great reliability on that account. Although there are several basic designs of such passive systems, all are similar insofar as they rely on the natural movement of warm water rising above cold in order to establish the necessary circulation. This means that systems of this sort do not make use of pumps at all, so that they will not impose any drain on a household’s electricity bill.

Active systems, on the other hand, do use pumps to circulate water. The fact that they can move water more quickly with such help boosts their efficiency, so that they can often make better use of the brightest parts of a day for warming water. Because of this, they may pay for whatever electricity they use in the form of more hot water, which can be something for homeowners to consider as well. Those interested in having either type of heater installed should visit the website of one of the many local companies specializing in these in order to learn more.

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