Support Your Business With a VPS in Seattle

September, 2013 by Alma Abell

One of the secrets that every person running a business should learn is that needing a server doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to have the server at your company. You can actually pay someone else to deal with all the expense and trouble of protecting and maintaining the physical hardware, while your company gets the benefit of being able to freely use it. If this sounds like an option that would be suitable for your operations, you should take a good look at the option of renting a VPS in Seattle.

A VPS is a Virtual Private Server. The virtual part of that basically indicates that what you are controlling is not an entire separate physical machine. Instead, it is a pretend computer created by software. This is done so that a real piece of hardware can be used to support several different clients, each of whom get an interface that looks just like it would if they were controlling an entire computer. For most purposes that difference between a VPS and a dedicated physical server is not very significant, except for the part where you can pay a lot less money to get what you need.

This approach can be used to address a wide range of issues. You could create your own external DNS server, for example. These are also often used as FTP servers to make important files and software available. An excellent use of this type of technology is as a place to back up important business data. That way, even if there is a theft or fire that gets rid of everything at your actual business location, there’ll be a safe copy of the most important things stored at another company’s location that you can recover.

ISOMEDIA makes it easy for any business to get and afford a VPS package. You don’t have to sign a contract or pay additional fees to begin an account, and you can choose packages based on how much RAM and hard drive space you are going to require for your particular application. It’s a great way to balance your needs against the cost of fulfilling them.

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