Social Media and Blogging is Dramatically Changing Social Event Planning in Omaha NE

by | Mar 25, 2015 | Events Venue

Brandeis Catering features a nice big link to their official Facebook page on the top right of their website. It is a nice touch- a way for potential guests to learn more and find out about other great events going on. Social media has altered the landscape of almost every industry, and mostly for the better. The capability of Facebook and other social platforms to spread the word about an event is unprecedented.

Social Event Planning in Omaha NE typically keeps their focus behind the closed doors and with the interior set-up and establishment. But social media is a source of influence for drawing larger crowds for a corporate event, reaching hidden family members across the nation for a wedding event, and generally spreading the word in this new forum of communication.


Event planners organize many of the greater details through social media. This can be harnessed to make for a much better event, where guests and event leaders place their trust in Social Event Planning in Omaha NE. Instagram is one of the leading methods for communicating with people on a wide scale. A guest could write about the event and receive back suggestions. The event planners use Instagram for new catering ideas, as well as Pinterest for food concepts and decorations.

Blogs and Tell-Alls

An especially large event will naturally procure a lot of miscommunication. A blog is a one-stop-shop for all pertinent information as it comes directly from the leader or the event planners. A blog page may organize details, such as the price of tickets or where guests can park. It could affirm the time the event starts as well as the time of the first major event for the evening (i.e. when a band comes on, when the wedding begins).

This single blog post could be shared through social media feeds. The catering company will likely post that blog onto their own official social page to inform potential guests. The minimization of wrong information and the promotion of the right information could spur more guests to attend and tell their friends. Many people miss an event simply because they lack the pertinent details- details a blog post could demystify.

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