Putting Together an AR-15 From Scratch With Retail Gun Parts in Mesa

by | Mar 25, 2015 | Guns and Accessories

With the right to bear arms notably enshrined in the Constitution, it is no surprise that Americans love their firearms. Weapons of this kind can be incredibly rewarding to own and use, whether for hunting and target shooting or self-defense. Another thing that many Americans really appreciate about their guns is how easy so many of them are to customize. Sellers of Gun Parts in Mesa, for example, offer up components that can completely change the character of a weapon.

In fact, many locals prefer to build their own firearms completely from the ground up. As far as the authorities are concerned, the part of a firearm that makes it a weapon is the lower receiver, with only this particular component being tightly controlled. That means that someone who wants, for instance, to put together an AR-15 from scratch will typically start with a visit to an authorized retailer of Gun Parts in Mesa like Pistol Parlour to pick up this critical piece.

With that in hand, the sky is virtually the limit. The rest of the pieces that go into the assembly of a complete firearm, as well as any wanted accessories, can be legally acquired anywhere that the shooter might find them. Of course, the same legitimate retailers who sell gun lowers will typically also have other parts on offer, so it can be easiest to complete the necessary shopping in a single trip.

That will normally mean picking up a number of upper parts and other components, as well, of course, like a barrel. There is plenty of opportunity for customization here, with each of the choices that are made affecting the handling and character of the weapon that will ultimately result.

One of the things that make the AR-15 such popular rifle platform is how versatile it is when it comes to accessories, and many who build their own enjoy sprucing them up in this way. Whether with tactical lights and sights or aim-stabilizing grips, there are at least as many ways to accessorize an AR-15 as to build one. That is part of what makes the hobby so rewarding, as many will attest.

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