Saving Your Teeth by Working with a Professional for General Dentistry in Highlands, NC

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With all of the fancy cosmetic procedures that are available today, it’s important that you don’t forget the basics when it comes to taking care of your teeth. In fact, many dentists will require that you take care of any serious dental problems before they will even agree to perform cosmetic procedures. Let’s take a look at four procedures that are sometimes overlooked but can have a huge impact on your oral health.

Teeth Cleaning

Nothing helps you maintain the brightness and strength of your teeth like making sure that they are cleaned regularly by your dentist. Plaque and other debris that remain on your teeth at the end of the day has have the potential to breed bacteria, which can cause serious deterioration in both your teeth and gums. Regular teeth cleanings can also help you avoid the pain and suffering you may experience as the result of cavities and abscesses.

Gum Treatment

Making sure that you have healthy gums is a very important part of maintaining your overall oral health. Because your gums anchor your teeth and protect the jawbone beneath, it’s a good idea to make sure they are always clean. If bacteria is allowed to fester underneath the gum line, you are putting yourself at risk for gum disease and all of the dental problems that can arise from it.


If you’ve got cavities, it’s vital that you take care of them right away. One of the most common ways that dentists treat cavities is by placing fillings within the tooth. A professional that specialized in general dentistry in Highlands, NC can remove any decayed material from your tooth and clean it out before filling the cavity with a metal or composite material.


Instead of being placed inside of the tooth, crowns are placed over the tooth and serve the purpose of helping to give it a better shape, add strength to it, or improve its appearance. Whether you experienced decay, chipping, discoloration, or a very large cavity, crowns are a great way to mask cosmetic issues and help you save your tooth.

These general dentistry treatments may not sound as glamorous as cosmetic procedures, but they are a necessary for a healthy mouth. If you’re looking for a dentist, contact Appalachian Dental Associates for an appointment.

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