If You Have Been Injured in a Car Accident you need the Car Accident Lawyer in Bellingham WA

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Car accidents leave the injured with medical problems, financial problems and many worries about their family. If you have been injured in a car accident, then you need to contact a car accident lawyer in Bellingham WA. The job of an accident attorney is to secure for you just compensation for your medical expenses, loss of income and for your pain and suffering as well as a replacement of your vehicle if it is damaged.

The attorney can use all of the help you can provide such as names of witnesses, EMS crew members who attended you at the scene, and The Emergency Room staff. Once you are hospitalized, your medical records will be available to your attorney. You should review all medical records which were compiled before you reached the hospital bed. Look for errors or omissions in the records which could cause a problem later.

An aggressive car accident lawyer in Bellingham WA will pursue every medical record including x-Rays, CT Scans, and lab results. He will not overlook any record pertaining to your medical treatment. The value of this approach is for the attorney to get a complete understanding of every aspect of your case because if your case goes to trial, he does not want to be surprised by a medical fact that minimizes your injuries and your long-term recovery.

You should be aware that the attorney for the people who caused your injuries will be a hostile, aggressive and tough attorney. He will look for everything he can find to cast doubt on your injuries and your prospects for recovery. Don’t do anything to help him. Don’t talk to anybody even after the accident without consulting your attorney first. Often, after an accident where it is suspected the other driver might have been driving erratically or on drugs, a member of a law enforcement agency will want to talk with you. Naturally you are upset and you are hoping by talking with this person you will nail the other driver. Do not talk to anybody without first talking with your attorney. You might be surprised what an innocent remark can do to your case.

Your attorney will be a fighter for you beginning with a pre-trial settlement conference. This conference will set the tone for reaching a settlement without a trial, or it will tell your attorney a trial is going to be needed.

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