Understanding Conservatorships And Why You Need A Conservatorship Lawyer in Honolulu, HI

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

One day you may find yourself needing a lawyer for conservatorship. Most people have no clue about the details of such a move. The move essentially gives an individual to handle the finances and health care of another person. These is authority that is granted by a court, and can be used to help the elderly as well as those who are mentally and physically unable to make important decisions for themselves. Let’s take a closer look at this legal move and why you may need a Conservatorship Lawyer in Honolulu, HI.

There are two types of conservatorships: The first one is referred to as the conservator of the estate. This person has been appointed by the courts to oversee anything related another person’s finances. This means that the conservator is responsible for personal assets and making major purchases. The second kind of conservatorship is referred to as the conservator of the person. This conservator has been given authority by the courts to look after a person’s personal and medical life. In most cases, conservatorships are awarded when a person is in a coma, or is suffering from some sort of debilitating mental illness.

It’s important that you understand how tedious and time-consuming it can be to attempt to gain conservatorship over another person. You are basically asking the courts to allow you to take charge of someone else’s personal life and decisions. Because conservatorships give people a lot of responsibility and power, courts require them to go through several steps.

Having a Conservatorship Lawyer in Honolulu is practically mandatory. There will be a number of hearings that you have to report to, and a lot of paperwork that you’ll have to fill out. Even after conservatorships are awarded the court hearings and paperwork will keep coming. Courts want up-to-date information on the person’s condition, and conservators will need to supply detailed information. One of the worst parts is that all of these paperwork is public record, which means anyone can request it at anytime. This can be hard for someone to deal with, especially if they value their privacy.

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