Polyester Powder Coating – Corrosion Resistance Benefits

by | Oct 23, 2018 | Metals

Metal surfaces of equipment, machinery, and components that are subjected to powder coating can achieve enhanced corrosion resistance benefits. Items such as hardware components, bicycle parts, vehicle parts, and aluminum extrusions are some of the specific items that can receive polyester powder coating that has the features of dry powder. The surfaces of these components and parts can receive a durable finish through the electrostatic process involved in the application of this type of powder coating. Heat is applied in the curing process that creates a more durable finish than that obtained through standard paint.

Types of Coatings
There are a range of applications that can make use of this coating. It can be applied in a variety of forms, including polyester TGIC, polyester urethane, and polyester TGIC-free.

The application of polyester powder coating can help ensure your components and parts develop superb resistance against ultraviolet rays. Severe weather conditions can subject outdoor decorative elements to deteriorating effects. TGIC polyester coating can help protect items such as lawn and garden equipment and car wheels.

Various types of industrial parts and equipment that are used in various industries and situations can make use of TGIC Free coating because of its durable exterior coating results.

Both indoor and outdoor applications can benefit from the use of polyester urethane powder coating. This type of coding provides excellent chemical mechanical properties that are used to protect items such as lighting fixtures, office furniture, and business equipment. In addition, it also produces resistance against the chipping and marring of surfaces as well as the detrimental effects of weathering.

Superb Results
As a regards the color of the polyester powder coating for, there are various options available. This type of coating provides a quality, uniform finish to the components to which it is applied. Numerous types of objects can benefit from the application of this coating to their surfaces. You also find that this coating retains its features are considerable period of time and does not lose its color gloss quickly. This helps avoid the need for repeated applications in the short term.

Contact a reliable industrial coating supplier today for more information on how these polyester powder coatings can benefit your applications.

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