Important Factors to Discuss with Auto Accident Lawyers in Towson, MD

by | Oct 23, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firm

In Maryland, auto accidents cause fatalities and serious injuries. The accidents are caused by reckless driving, DUIs, and a failure to comply with traffic laws. At-fault drivers are responsible for any injuries sustained by victims. They may also face auto repair expenses incurred by the victims. Auto accident lawyers in Towson, MD represent victims of the accidents.

Who Is at Fault in the Accident?

The officers who investigate the accident determine who was at fault in the auto accident. Details about each driver or victim are recorded by the officers. The information appears on the accident report.

Starting an Insurance Claim

The victims have the legal right to file a claim through the at-fault driver’s insurance provider. However, if the victims have their own coverage, they could collect compensation through their own policy. The at-fault driver’s insurer must contact the victims involved in the accident and provide compensation according to the limits of the policies. If the at-fault driver wasn’t insured, the victims must seek a legal claim to be compensated for their damages.

Collecting Details About the Victim’s Injuries and Losses

The attorney representing the victim involved in the accident collects details about all injuries sustained. Medical records and invoices are often required to support the claim and provide facts to the judge. Any estimates for auto repairs are also collected and included in the legal claim. Each victim involved in the accident must file their own claim against the accountable driver.

How Are Claims Managed in Court?

The claim is presented to a judge and jury who determine if the victim is eligible for compensation. They also determine the exact value the claimant should receive from the at-fault driver. The court must also determine if comparative fault applies in the cases.

In Maryland, at-fault drivers must comply with accident-related laws. The laws outline the responsibilities of any driver that causes an accident. Any driver that is guilty of a DUI could also face more complex charges if an accident occurs. Victims who were involved in an accident and need the help of auto accident lawyers in Towson, MD should visit right now.

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