Advantages of Using Certified Welding Services in Cleveland

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Advantages of Using Certified Welding Services in Cleveland

Let’s look at the main reason why you should use a fabricator with certified welders on staff. Simply put, you want to know that your project will be completed properly and according to specifications. Poorly performed welding jobs can bring unsatisfactory and even disastrous results – certainly not something desirable when it comes to the way in which your company carries out its work and its resulting reputation. For this reason, it is crucial to rely on certified welding. Cleveland is home to many welders having the necessary certification and can produce high quality welding results.

Welding Certifications
A number of different welding organizations provide welding certifications. Certifications confirm that the welder is familiar with specific codes applicable to particular types of work and came carryout welding work in compliance with these codes. As well, certifications verify that a welder knows how to meet contract specifications in the performance of his or her duties.

AWS Certified Welding
By working with high-quality fabrication shops who have certified welding professionals on staff according to the American welding Society (AWS), you can increase the confidence in the quality of your finished product. AWS certifications established industry standards that help welders comply with various project regulations and specifications. These certifications cover various types of welds and give welders specific certifications for those processes.

Certification Options
You can benefit your project and bottom line by using certified welders on your job even if the project is not required certified welding processes. Certification options that are available include:

 * Certified welder – an applicant may take this performance-based test without any previous open educational courses. Applicants are tested based on their ability to carry out all aspect of a particular welding procedure specification. The test can be retaken if it is not passed the first time.
 * Certified welding inspector – this is a written and performance test that requires specific educational courses and certain years of experience before it can be taken. Some allowance is available for substituting experience for course work.
 * Certified robotic arc welding – in order to take this exam, the applicant must fulfill certain number of requirements in advance, which includes passing a performance test that requires the applicant to demonstrate his or her skills.

AWS certifications generally cover codes they relate to requirements involving holdings and bridges. Certifications available from other industries include certification from the American Petroleum Institute (API) (gas and oil industry work) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) (boiler and vessel code work).

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