The Need Fo A Roof Repair in Colorado Springs, CO Can Be Determined by an Inspection

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The homeowner cannot see problems with their roof unless, of course, most of it has been blown away. The roof can develop many problems that cannot be seen from ground level. These problems range from damaged and worn shingles to holes in the shingles and the decking. Missing shingles and shingles out of alignment with the row of shingles above can cause water to leak into the attic where the water will find a path down into the living area. Water finds a path, usually on a roof support, and then it travels down to the where the roof support structure meets the walls of the lower level.


Homeowners mislead themselves when they believe that what they can’t see can’t exist. Water can build up behind the walls and create black mold on the backside of the wall and also on the framing wood. The water can accumulate to the point that the walls will bulge in spots. Ceilings will drop when the water accumulates on the ceiling to the extent that it weakens the ceiling material and the weight of the water combined with water damage will bring the ceiling down. A roof inspection by Roof Repair in Colorado Springs, CO will find these areas that can result in serious problems.

Homeowners who just bought a new house will say “I shouldn’t have any roof problems,” and they are correct in their thinking. However, if shingles are improperly installed the risk is there. These homeowners may want to check the attic for signs of a leak which would be mold or brown sections on the wood supports. The underside of the decking may show areas where water has leaked through.

Every homeowner in the Colorado Springs area should arrange for Roof Repair in Colorado Springs, CO to conduct a roof inspection. This inspection should include every area of the roof where a leak can develop or where recent storms may have damaged the roof to the extent that leaks will likely develop. If there are too many leaks and too much damage or wear to the roof, then it is time to consider a New Roof. There are a variety of roofing products on the market that are very durable and long-lasting. These products resist much of the storm damage that this area has experienced in the past.

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