Options to Sell Toner in Nassau County, NY

February, 2014 by Alma Abell

If you own a printer, you may at some point have wondered what to do with your used toner cartridges. While your first instinct may be to throw them away, you should reconsider this since you can actually make money by selling empty toner cartridges, especially if do not fancy the idea of refilling. If you do not know where to Sell Toner in Nassau County, NY you can consider the following options.

Online Companies

There are quite a number of reliable online companies that buy empty toner cartridges while also handling shipment. These include TonerBuyer and ECycle Group, which pay about $3 for low-end cartridges and over $20 for expensive models. It is not difficult to sell on these platforms because all you are required to do is fill out online forms, after which you will receive a pre-paid shipping label and instructions requiring you to include a packaging slip listing what you have. You will also get a notification upon receipt of your package and be paid within 21 days. Store Credit ,to know more visit City Supply inc
Another option you can explore with regard to selling your empty toner cartridges is taking them to manufacturer stores, which can give you a discount on a new cartridge or pay you for the empty one. Some of the stores you can explore include:

* Office Depot: This store gives $2 in recycling reward points for every cartridge recycled with a maximum of 10 toners monthly. Upon earning more than $10 in reward points, you are issued a certificate that can be redeemed on any item in the store.

* Staples: At this store, you are given $2 store credit per cartridge with up to 10 cartridges monthly provided you have spent a minimum of $30 on either toner or ink within the past six months.

* Office Max: This store rewards you for every good cartridge you bring them with payments ranging according to the outlet you visit. The payments range from $2 per cartridge to a maximum of $20 monthly.

Given all the options you can explore when you decide to Sell Toner in Nassau County, NY, you could also take your empty cartridges to recycling centers within the city or also check out Citysupplyusa.com, a reputable company that pays well for any cartridge model.

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