Obtaining a Direct Restoration with Dentists in Honolulu

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

Maintaining healthy teeth takes hard work. If you wish to avoid fatal cavities and teeth extractions, it is important to get a routine check-up at least every six months with dentists in Honolulu. This will assist in finding many dental problems and working to get these fixed as quickly as possible.

What is Completed During the Check-up?

Many patients may have anxiety regarding the dental visit, and this makes it important for the dental patient to know a number of details regarding this visit. There are two parts to the dental check-up the patient will need to be aware of.

Once the patient arrives at the dental office, he or she will sit in the dental chair and the dental hygienist will clean the patient’s teeth. This will involve removing any plaque that may have occurred since the last dental visit. The removal of the plaque is important because this will reduce gum disease and the chance of losing teeth.

The next step will involve the dentist completing a thorough examination of the teeth for cavities. It is important for the dental professional to locate decay in the early stages to avoid more decay occurring and creating much larger problems.

When to Obtain the Direct Restoration?

If the dentist finds decay during the check-up, it must be evaluated. This will allow the dentist to closely look at the decay and assign it a number between one and six. The numerical value placed on the tooth will determine how much dental work must be completed to restore the tooth.

The requirements for having a direct restoration are based on the evaluation of the decay. If the classification of the decay is between one and six, the tooth can be filled directly. If this is the case, the dentist will be capable of directly filling the tooth, also referred to as a direction restoration.

This will be done by the dentist taking out the decay, cleaning the tooth and placing some type of filling in the tooth. The filling used is one the dentist recommends and is commonly porcelain or gold.

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