Hiring A Criminal Lawyer In Newark To Fight Against The Prosecution

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

A Criminal Lawyer in Newark DE protects the interests of the accused. It is their primary focus to prove innocence in these legal proceedings. Their first objective is to investigate all probable angles to gather evidence. This evidence is utilized in criminal cases to present reasonable doubt. It is through reasonable doubt that a criminal defense attorney shows the judge and jury that it is unlikely that the accused committed this crime. The argument presents the possibility of another individual or circumstance that led to the crime in question.

Fighting Against the Prosecution

Hiring Criminal Lawyer in Newark DE makes it his or her mission to fight against the prosecution at all costs. This includes the acquisition of strong evidence to show your innocence. The attorney investigates all leads thoroughly to determine whether another probability is possible. He or she conducts interviews with witnesses who saw the crime and determine whether any mistakes were made. This also includes discovering witnesses that can corroborate your story and present further assistance in your criminal defense case.

Criminal Law Services

Lyons Law provides you with strong criminal defense services. The attorneys within this law firm provide you with effective legal services to prove your innocence. Through diligent legal work they investigate probabilities that may have occurred instead of those assumed by the prosecution. These lawyers deliver a combined effort to present reasonable doubt in criminal proceedings to show that it is unlikely that their client is guilty. If you are facing a criminal charge and need assistance contact this law firm directly or visit their website for further information.

With the assistance of a Criminal Lawyer in Newark DE, you have a fighting chance to challenge the case of the prosecution. Your attorney gathers evidence through further investigation efforts. This includes reviewing angles omitted by law enforcement when the investigation was conducted. Your attorney determines whether the prosecution’s evidence is solid or circumstantial in nature. When the evidence does not link the accused directly to the crime it is probable to fight for a mistrial. To learn more about these proceedings visit Lyonslaw.com.


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