The Five Senses of Custom Exhibits

by | Mar 20, 2014 | Business

When you are getting ready to design custom exhibits for your company do not just consider the design of the booth. Think of ways you can draw attention to your display appealing to the five senses.

  1. Sight: This is of course the most obvious of the five senses that will play a roll in the creation of your custom exhibits. You want to use as much visual appeal as possible with your booth, but be very careful you do not provide a confusing mess. Look at simple visual details that will easily tell people who you are, what you do and that you do it well. Avoid confusing displays with too much messaging. Instead use simple effective images, simply worded messaging and clearly defined branding so at a glance people will get what you are all about.

  1. Sound: You know that guy with the 10 foot speakers is going to attract a lot of attention. However not all of it will be positive. Consider a way to draw attention to your custom exhibits using sound. Whether you have music playing, a voice over speaking to your product on a loop in a sexy, soothing voice, or even a live person offering a shout out to passers by, sound will help attract attention to your booth. Announcements about presentations, draws or refreshments work too.

  1. Smell: Even if it is not a food show, consider serving fresh coffee, popcorn, or cinnamon rolls at your booth. Anything that smells divine and will attract weary trade show guests can draw people in and offer you the opportunity to sell them something.

  1. Taste: As with above consider having something to give people that will tempt them to pop by for a visit. Guilt them into listening to your pitch with free cookies or truffles.

  1. Touch: This is the most important one as without a product to touch and test people will not be as inclined to trust you can deliver on what you are promising. Make sure you have at least one of some of your key products or at least have computers or tablets they can use to watch demos about your service.

Meeting the needs of all five senses will help you connect with customers.

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