Learning More About The Role of a Criminal Attorney in Jefferson County, MO

March, 2014 by

A criminal attorney is an individual who focuses on defending companies or individuals who have been charged with a criminal offense. Criminal attorneys can operate on an individual basis or they can be part of a law firm. There are no obvious benefits to choosing a lawyer in private practice over one working for a law firm or vice versa.


A Criminal Attorney Jefferson County MO is responsible for ensuring that their client receives a just and due law process. They are responsible for making sure their client receives a fair and speedy trial. They are also responsible for playing a role in determining whether or not their client is guilty of a crime.

It is a common misconception that a Criminal Attorney Jefferson County MO is responsible for proving that you are innocent. As a United States citizen, you are innocent until you have been proven guilty. This means that your attorney does not have to prove you are innocent, they just have to prevent the prosecutor from proving you are guilty. This means that they just need to be able to poke enough holes in the story and charges against you to provide doubt. The role of a prosecutor is to prove that you are guilty of the crimes you have been charged with without a shadow of a doubt. This means that if your lawyer can provide that doubt, the prosecutor is going to have a hard time convicting you of the crime. When you are looking for a lawyer to hire, you should try asking them what approach they take to disproving the prosecutor’s story about what exactly it was that you did wrong.

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