How to Determine Which Plastic Security Seals Best Fit Your Needs

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

Plastic security seals are most often appropriate when multiple items need to be grouped and secured, or when the size of the item being sealed varies from situation to situation. Plastic seals secure objects by forming a loop around said objects, then locking into place to secure. Since adjustable plastic straps come in all sizes and types, it is important to understand how you plan to use the seal and what you plan to secure with it in order to choose the best seal for your needs.

What is Your Industry?
Different industries and products require different types of plastic security seals. For example, a transportation business focused on cargo security would need seals strong enough to withstand being attached to the door of a transport vehicle. Those focused on retail and loss prevention, however, would seek seals that attach easily to merchandise and tote boxes and prohibit theft. Taking time to research how your specific industry utilizes security seals will give you an understanding of what kinds of seals best fit your needs.

What are You Protecting?
Taking the time to research the material or product that you need to protect can give you a good idea of which type of plastic security seals are best for your needs.  How great is the interest in your product? Would thieves, hackers or other criminals go to great lengths to steal or damage it? If your materials were stolen or damaged, would the expense of replacing them be great? Know the value of what you are protecting and check accounts from vendors and businesses that make similar items to determine how your competitors are securing their own merchandise.

What is Your Budget?
Once you’ve determined your own specific security seal needs and carefully considered which types of security seals are best for your product or materials, take some time to compare prices between several companies. It is important to find a security solution that is affordable, and that will allow you to be consistent with the protocol you put in place to protect your assets. After taking into consideration how valuable your materials are, and how much effort you want to put into securing them, you will have a good understanding of which types of seals you need and how much you are willing to spend to put a seal system in place.

Mega Fortris is proud to offer some of the most advanced forms of seals in the world. Through innovative design and thoughtful planning, our seal systems can give you the peace of mind you desire.

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