It Can be Saved – Maytag Service Center in Worcester

November, 2014 by Alma Abell

The children load the dishwasher, carefully arranging the glasses and plates so that they will be cleaned without leaving any residue. Small issues have been cropping up with the machine lately, though it is nothing to be concerned about. At ten years old, it is understandable if it needs a few extra seconds to drain the water after running a load. After tossing in a soap packet, a person turns the machine on and walks away. All if quiet for a few moments, and then with a loud screech soapy water starts to flow down from the bottom of the unit. Deciding to look on the bright side, one can scratch off moping the floor from the list of chores that need to be done.


After dealing with the mop, one can pull out the warranty and notices that the extended period component is still active. A short phone call later, and a person has an appointment for something to stop by and diagnosis whatever is causing the problem. In many circumstances, the first response to that situation would be to scour the newspaper for the next sale on dishwashers. After all, each one lasts for such a long period of time that the yearly costs is nearly negligible. However, a person decides to do something that is more environmentally friendly and cheaper to boot.

The maytag service center in Worcester excels in breathing new life into old machines, helping extend their functional lifespan by several years. Maytag collaborates with several different companies around the nation to provide high quality repairs at little to no cost to the consumer. One of these companies is the JM Appliance Service. The service has worked with a maytag service center in Worcester for three decades, helping to identify issues in and repair Maytag appliances ranging from refrigerators to washers and dryers.

After the crew looks over the dish washer, it is determined that one of the lines needs to be replaced on the washing machine. Within moments, the device is running as good as new and one is thinking about finally investing in a water softener.

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