If Your Pet is Having Trouble Eating, He May Need Pet Dentistry in Fort Wayne, Indiana

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“Whew! Dog breath!” Everyone who has ever had a dog has probably said that more than once. Our best bud’s breath could repel a SEAL team. Maybe he’s trying to tell us something.

Gum disease is very common in dogs and cats. Just as with us, it can be responsible for pain and difficulty in eating. The infection can affect the liver, kidneys and the heart. Broken teeth, especially common in older animals, are frequently associated with poor nutrition because it hurts to eat. The animal may start acting differently, accepting a treat and dropping it rather than eating it. The pet may drink more than usual, but eat little. Sometimes there is more drooling than normal, or the pet may move his/her head away if touched near the mouth. There may even be bleeding in the mouth. It’s time for a visit to the dentist.

Animal dentistry requires special training and encounters some unusual challenges (a root canal on a lion?). Since dental procedures on animals are done under general anesthesia, owners may be concerned. However, the risks of the anesthesia are far less than the risks from chronic oral infections. Many of the animal patients are awake and standing in less than a half hour after the procedure.

It’s a good idea to check a pet’s mouth periodically so that anything abnormal will be spotted. It’s fairly common for both dogs and cats to develop mouth tumors and early detection is important. Oral tissues can also swell because of an infection. If a tumor is suspected, a biopsy is done in order to provide an accurate diagnosis. Surgically removing the tumor is usually the best hope of a cure. If something abnormal is seen, consult with a vet as soon as possible.

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