Call Out Tree Trimmers In North Little Rock AR To Ensure The Health Of Your Trees

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As a homeowner, you may not have the tools or the expertise to properly trim your trees. This is why it is a good idea to call tree trimmers in North Little Rock AR to help you trim your trees. Pruning is one of the best investments a property owner can do to make sure that the trees survive and live a long life. If the pruning performed is done incorrectly, it can damage or even kill the tree. This is why it is imperative that you get an arborist that has the training and experience to do the job right. There are different stages that a tree goes through and pruning is done in a special way for each stage.

During the beginning stage of growth, especially for transplants or seedlings, the growth on the root system is the key factor. Many times the tree may be competing with other plants for space and resources. At this time, pruning should be done only to the crown. Very little leaf tissue should be removed since the tree is dependent on food produced by those leaves to survive and grow.

The second stage is its juvenile stage in which the tree is established in the environment and grow the fastest in its life. The tree will use a lot of energy to fight against invading diseases and insects. Pruning can be quite helpful at this stage. At this time pruning is done to develop good branch structure and to eliminate branch defects.

The third stage is the most mature stage of the tree. The tree grows slower and it may do some self-pruning losing some of its branches that no longer are growing. Because the tree is mature, it fights diseases effectively. Crown thinning should be performed at this stage to improve the tree’s health. As long as you have been calling tree trimmers in North Little Rock AR to keep up with the trimming at all three stages, your tree will have a fighting chance to grow tall and healthy over the years. If you aren’t on a tree trimming maintenance schedule, you would be wise to call for an appointment today.

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