The Benefits Of Dog Boarding Services In Alexandria, VA

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Veterinarians

In Virginia, pet owners receive invaluable services through animal hospitals and veterinarian clinics. For pet owners who must leave home for lengthy amounts of time, boarding services could be the answer to their dilemma. A local vet hospital provides dog boarding services in Alexandria, VA for pet owners who need assistance.

Safer Alternative to Leaving Pets at Home

Dog boarding services in Alexandria, VA offers a safer alternative to leaving pets at home. Pet owners who travel frequently need a safe environment for their pets that lowers the chances of injuries. If they leave their dog at home, the probability of injuries increases significantly.

Around the Clock Care for Pets

The animal hospital offers around the clock care for pets. Pet owners who drop their pets off for boarding services won’t have to worry about their pets if they become ill. The vet is onsite throughout the day, and if pets become ill, health care services are provided. All pets that left at the hospital for boarding purposes are monitored by caregivers at all times.

Daily Grooming Selections

Daily grooming selections are also available to pet owners. The owners can choose from a wide variety of grooming selections when they book their boarding options. The selections include shampooing, conditioning, and trims. The groomer can provide any of the services throughout the pet’s stay at the hospital. They also offer options for managing common pests such as fleas and ticks.

Management of the Pet’s Diet and Nutrition

The caregivers provide a regular diet for the pets while during boarding services. Any special requirements based on existing medical conditions are offered. For example, pets that are diabetic receive foods designed specifically for a diabetic diet. The caregivers also provide adequate water throughout the day and treat.

In Virginia, pet owners could acquire extraordinary benefits by utilizing boarding services. The opportunities allow pets to stay overnight at the veterinarian clinic and receive around the clock monitoring. The pets are assigned a caregiver who ensures that the animals remain safe and calm. Pet owners who want to learn more about dog boarding services in Alexandria, VA are encouraged to contact Fort Hunt Animal Hospital right now.

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