How Do Foundation Repair Contractors in Houston, TX Determine if Your Foundation Needs to be Repaired?

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Problems with the foundation need to be corrected as soon as possible. Foundation problems can quickly worsen, leading to major structural issues in the home. Unfortunately, foundation repairs are among the most costly home repairs home owners will ever need to make. If you think you may have foundation issues, you will want to call Foundation Repair Contractors in Houston, TX. If you have never used one before, you may be wondering how they determine whether a foundation needs to be repaired without even looking at the foundation. Here are the techniques they use to determine if your foundation is in need of repair.

Examining the Exterior of the Home:

One of the first things a foundation contractor will do when determining whether you have foundation issues is to examine the exterior of the home. As they do so, they are looking for cracks along the base of the home, which may indicate the foundation is cracking and that that crack is spreading upward.

Examining the Interior of the Home:

The next thing that a Foundation Repair Contractors in Houston, TX will do is to examine the interior of the home. As they walk through the interior of the home, they are looking for door frames and window frames that may not be level, flooring that may be uneven or cracking, cracks in the walls, or signs of moisture in your crawl space or basement.

Taking Elevation Readings:

The last thing that a contractor will do is take elevation readings. This is also done inside of the home. They will use an elevation reading tool to determine what the elevation is in each room of the home. The elevation should be identical from room to room. If they get different readings in each room, your foundation may be sinking or crumbling, which indicates foundation repair is needed.

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