Contact A Company Experienced In Commercial Basement Repair At The First Sign Of Moisture

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Attempting to stop a water problem in a basement alone can be a risky task. Water could be seeping through a foundation in any number of locations and only a company whose experienced in Commercial Basement Repair should take on this type of project. The foundation of a building keeps it sturdy and helps to keep doors and windows are opening and closing properly. When a foundation begins to shift because of water pushing against the walls, it can cause the brick facing on a building to become loose, floors are unlevel, and windows and doors will not open or close properly.

Water Marks In The Basement

Even if an owner doesn’t see the water actually coming through the walls or floor of a basement doesn’t mean it’s not there. White areas will develop when water has seeped into the basement and dried. Areas in the basement could have black areas of mildew growing or a foul smell could develop.

Other Signs Of A Wet Basement

Musty smell in the basement or condensation on the windows is a sign that there’s a water problem in the basement. Small trickles of water on the block or rust on metal items are other signs there’s a water problem that needs to be addressed.

Finishing A Basement

Before spending all of the time and money to finish a basement into another living space, it’s important to have a Commercial Basement Repair company inspect the walls and floors. Removing drywall, carpeting, or furniture that has been damaged because of a moisture problem can cost thousands of dollars that could have been prevented. An experienced basement repair company can perform an assessment on the floors and walls to determine if there are any signs of water problems.

Reliable Solutions To A Water Problem

A reputable basement repair company will ensure that an owner won’t have any more water problems. They will diagnose the cause of the water leakage and repair the basement with high-quality workmanship and materials. They will also offer a limited lifetime warranty on their work.

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