Why a C360 Brass Round Bar is a Great Choice

February, 2014 by Alma Abell

If you’re in need of brass to complete a project, machine an item or even to decorate a home or building, 360 is often the recommended grade. Depending on your specific needs, ordering a C360 brass round bar could be the best option to suit your requirements.

What is a Round Bar?

A C360 brass round bar is simply a solid rod of brass. This alloy is created by blending copper and zinc to create a durable, gold metal that’s favored in a wide variety of applications. Round bars are a standard for delivering brass in its raw, unworked state.

Why Choose Brass?

A wide variety of metals are used in the manufacturing of products, the construction of buildings and for artistic purposes. Brass, however, is often a favored choice for a number of reasons. While it’s not the best bet for structural support, brass is used for plumbing, architecture and in decorative applications because it is:

  • Highly workable – Brass can be worked into a wide variety of shapes to suit many purposes. From brass plumbing fixtures to musical instruments, the applications for this metal and the shapes it can take on are practically endless.
  • Highly durable – Although not as tough as steel or as precious as gold, brass tends to stand up to the best of time. When properly cared for, this metal can withstand the elements and look great hundreds and even thousands of years into the future.
  • Its relative affordability – Brass is not the costliest of metals that can be used in manufacturing or artistic applications, but it does get the job done very well.

What is 360 Brass?

A C360 brass round bar is a common choice in many applications because of the extra features it delivers. This composition of bras is considered exceptional for machining since it is easily cut and shaped into just about anything. It may not be the best choice, however, for melting and forming. When rods or bars are needed, though, the 360 variety is the most commonly selected. In addition to copper and zinc, it may also contain trace amounts of lead and iron, as well, adding to its durability.

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