Seeing a Dentist in Short Hills NJ 07078 for Periodontitis

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Periodontitis is an inflammation of periodontal soft tissues that surround the tooth. With their help, the tooth stays attached to the jaw. Periodontitis is dangerous, resulting in the inflammatory processes called pockets which form in the gums around them. This can lead to bleeding gums, loose teeth, purulent exudates, and eventually the loss of teeth.

Therefore, to prevent the development such diseases as periodontitis, it is highly desirable to start treatment early. In identifying the first signs, contact your local Dentist in Short Hills NJ 07078 or periodontist immediately. Of course, this immediately raises the question about the causes of such a disease. Periodontology states that the causes of periodontal disease can be very different.

What are the causes of periodontitis?

Among the causes mentioned, primarily atrophy (the wasting away of bone) arises to the top of the list. This happens when people eat certain food products. After chewing solid foods, you should naturally cleanse the teeth and gums of plaque. Namely, it is this environment in which the most actively germs and bacteria start to develop.

It should also be noted that food lacking in vitamins also plays a factor that increases the likelihood of this disease. Another cause may be a malocclusion or poor quality dentures. In these cases, the threat of injury is high gum placement or uneven distribution of the load on the teeth. If you suffer from any of these issues you should see your local Dentist in Short Hills NJ 07078 immediately.

What are the signs of periodontal disease?

For early treatment, it is important to know the symptoms. The appearance of bleeding gums when you brush your teeth or chew solid food should alert you. Try replacing the toothbrush for a softer one, and use a milder toothpaste which includes healing components. Also, rinse the mouth with special solutions which strengthens the gums and has an antiseptic effect.

If your efforts have not led to the desired result, contact your dentist immediately, because at this stage, it is difficult to stop the progression of the disease. Ignoring bleeding gums can lead to its progression, and there are features such as bad breath, fatigue, appearance and proliferation of tartar on the teeth and gums that signify other issues. For more information, contact Glamorous Smile Dental Spa today.

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