Gluten Free Treats Readily Available at Gigi’s Cupcakes

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

The hardest part for people who no longer eat gluten based products can be finding delicious desserts that truly taste like their gluten laden counterparts. There has been a surge in popularity of gluten free products as the trend has caught on through the media. Some people choose to eat gluten free because they believe it is healthier. Others may have an intolerance that makes foods with gluten difficult to digest. People with celiac’s disease run the greatest risk of getting sick by ingesting gluten. It affects their entire world including weight, digestion and mood stability. Maintaining a complete shift in diet and still enjoying a sweet treat on occasion is a challenge many local businesses have risen to uphold.

Gluten free living seems to be everywhere you look now, and that’s excellent for people who risk physical harm by eating foods with gluten. However, just because a company promotes a gluten free product, it does not mean the food is completely free of gluten. Cross contamination can occur when products with gluten and without gluten are made in the same kitchen. People with celiac’s disease are likely to ask an establishment if there is a risk of cross contamination before ordering food. Gigi’s Cupcakes knows the difference between people who have nixed gluten for the sake of a health trend, and those whose bodies truly cannot handle processing gluten.

Desserts can be difficult to find as most baking involves flour and other gluten filled ingredients. Advances in processing have made it possible to acquire gluten free all purpose flour that is normally used for baking cakes and cookies. At Gigi’s Cupcakes, it is understood that the little things in life are necessary to the whole of happiness. That’s why they offer gluten free cupcakes and frosting to their customers that can be shipped all over the United States. Even people who live in areas where there are no gluten free bakeries to be found can order from Gigi’s website and have dessert delivered right to their door. Visit their website today for a full list of options and contact information.


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