Cleaning And Caring For Reusable Tote Bags

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

One of the best things about reusable tote bags is that they can be easily cleaned at home. This prevents the need to replace the bags even if they become dirty or soiled, saving you money in the long run.

CarryGreen reusable shopping tote bags can be made of many different types of materials. The two most common are a cotton canvas or a jute or burlap material that are both durable and strong as well as easy to wash. Many are dyed or may have several different colors in the design of the bag. Yet others may be personalized with printed logos, brands, designs or names on the bag.

It is important to check to determine the material that reusable tote bags are made of before deciding how to clean. If there is a printed part of the bag or if there are several different colors a good idea is to only hand wash in cold water at least until you are sure the colors will not run and create a mess.

Hand or Machine Wash and Dry

Although these materials can be machine washed, hand washing does have its benefits. Reusable tote bags that are hand washed in cold or warm water will typically have a much longer life as washing and drying in machines is harder on the fibers that make up the material. If you are using a machine use the gentle cycle with cold water but try to avoid the dryer as this can really cause damage.

Cold water washing with a mild laundry detergent or antibacterial soap is simple. Do not rub or wring the bags, just wash gently, rinse well in cold water and allow to air dry hanging or lying flat. You will need to make sure both the inside and outside dry completely so turn the bag inside out and check for any signs of moisture in the fabric before storing.

Spot Cleaning

Generally cool water and mild soap or antibacterial soap will do the trick for small spots and stains. However, deep stains may not be easily removed if they have set into the fabric. Using bleach or products containing bleach can cause damage to natural fibers and is not recommended.

Cleaning reusable tote bags can be done on a regular basis. If you are using any detergents look for mild options that do not contain bleach to extend the life of your tote bags.ave

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